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 A sketch dump or two for something to terrorize Lowaans with in the Discord of Skaia AU. why do I make everything ugly turn out remotely cute or biologically interesting (to me at least)?

Basically this was inspired by me fumbling through very sparse information about Lovecraft’s Cthulu mythos, when much to my surprise I discovered that he has a whole host of marvelously twisted dieties, creatures and what not.

One of such from The Doom That Came To Sarnath (1919) is Bokrug, a great semi-aquatic lizard god who slumbers under a lake between two cities; Ib and Sarneth. Bokrug was worshipped by the ancient population of Ib. The people of Sarneth come in, fuck the place up, slaughter the inhabitants, steal the idol of Bokrug, as they’re wont to do. Which pisses this beastie off no end, stirring him from his sleep. One Thousand Years later and he gets his murder on.

So this lil’ fella, having gone off absolutely no real description from the text about my inspiration, (I couldn’t find any but if anyone could transcribe it from the book or another source, I’ll be muchly grateful), came about by me thinking less about what Bokrug looks like and more what a sea serpent as big as a city might look like. ‘what could live under water for several years at a stretch still qualify as a ‘lizard’ in appearance, and be a real menace when driven from the deeps?’

He has a few different sets of gills- some on the end of his nose rather than nostrils, and a few behind his jaw there like a shark. The head and jaw structure is reminescent of a crocodile. Because whales need to fit in there. He has a flat upper pallet almost towards the fore, where the incisors give him a massive underbite. Tongue is serrated like a goose’s. Just because. Fore limbs are much less strong than the hind, hind are used for pushing off the sea bed and occasional turning. Much of the power of his swim comes from moving serpentine though the water, tail acting as a rudder.

It only now occurs to me that he looks like the Heart of the Aspects mount in WoW. ffff.

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